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English to French Translations: Roots
France has played an enormous role in the evolution of the English language, and its role cannot be dismissed in language interpretation. One to two-thirds of all English words are derived from the French language, so the implementation of a French/English translation is not far-fetched. The transition from one language to another is smoother when drastic changes do not take place between the two words.
Here are a few examples of English words and their French equivalents:
• Accomplice – complice
• Cheer – chiere
• Gentle – gentil
• Liquor – liqueur
• Number – nombre
• Season – saison
Although not every word will hold such a similar spelling or pronunciation, clearly many words do share similarities. Thus, our studied interpreters are able to offer effective French/English translations that are logical and practical. Also see out information about Spanish translation service.

French/English Translation Made Easier
There are varying degrees of difficulty interpreting various languages. Spanish – English translation is considered less difficult to some while Russian – English translation is often considered very difficult. There are four states within the United States where it is likely that upbringing and exposure increases the ease of interpretation: Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. French/English translations may be simpler in these areas due to the strong French background of each state. For instance, the French Creole has such a powerful history in Louisiana that the cultural influences are still felt today. This type of impact on the common vernacular will assist the English in many ways. French translation is easier to perform when one is exposed to the language at an early age, and throughout one’s life in everyday experiences. Art, entertainment, cuisine and lifestyle in Louisiana all owe to the French contributions.

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