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English: Italian Translation Word Order

The placement and sequence of words often varies greatly between languages, and can change the meaning of a sentence drastically, especially in English to Arabic translation. Like English, Italian translation utilizes the Subject-Verb-Object format for sentence structure. Although there are certainly exceptions to this rule, this is the general design for the Romance languages, Creole languages, and many of the European languages. English to Russian translation uses the Subject-Verb-Object systems as well, but like every language has its own individual idiosyncrasies. One way that Italian differs from most of the European languages is in regards to the creation of a question. Subject-verb inversion is not used to indicate a question, unlike the majority of European languages. Similar to English, Italian translation uses a question mark at the end of the sentence as a tool for inquiry. The word used to designate an inquiry then replaces the subject or object.

English to Russian Translation: Verbs

Verbal use in Russia, like most languages, is unique unto it, and has become simpler over the years than the days of Old Russia. Two is the magic number for many of the Russian grammatical principles – two tenses (present/future and past), two voices (active and middle/passive), and two ways to conjugate present and future tense. Like many languages, gender plays an important role in the actual linguistics employed by an interpreter, and must be awarded significant consideration. The past tense of Russian words has a gender-specific connotation that affects the written and spoken word within English to Russian translation. Once again, our translators are well-studied in the scores of rules that apply to each language being translated. See information about translation of German to English for more examples.

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