Spanish Interpreting Program, 2018

L.A Translation and Interpretation is a school in Los Angeles that provides 1-year Certificate Program in Spanish Translation and Interpretation. We have provided top quality training for court and healthcare interpreters by court certified interpreters since 2003. We are conveniently located in Downtown Los Angeles and parking is convenient and free. Please call 213-368-0700 for more information.















1-Year Certificate in Spanish Court Translation and Interpretation Program

1st Quarter  (September-November)

CT105. Sight Translation I

CT 201. Medical Interpreting

2nd Quarter  (January – March)

CT 202. Simultaneous Interpretation I

CT 106. Consecutive Interpreting

3rd Quarter (April – June)

CT101. Consecutive Interpretation II

CT 203 Sight Translation II

4th Quarter (July-August)

CT 401. Intensive Court Interpretation Review

CT 412. Written Test Prep


Spanish court interpreting Tuesdays 7-10pm (Starting 1/8-3/12/2019) $590
Spanish medical interpreting Thursdays 7-10pm(Starting 1/10-3/14/2019) $790

 To register for a course, please fill out a registration form: Application Form  

E-mail completed forms to no later than a WEEK PRIOR to the first day of instruction to be eligible to enroll.

School Catalogue 

Address: 2975 Wilshire Blvd. #640. Los Angeles, CA 90010

Call:213-368-0700 for more info.

Free parking

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