is a scam

Nobody should buy a ticket from them.

I paid $1400 and purchased a round trip ticket between Los Angeles and Istanbul, Turkey.

Then my business partner wanted me to stay 5 more days.   I called and asked them to change my plan.

They said I have to pay $75 as penalty to and $135 to the airplane.  And the flight difference was $1200, so I needed to pay $!410, which was more than buying a new ticket.

It took me an hour because they put me on hold for 20 minutes two times.

I called Turkish airline and they confirmed that a flight was available for the same price, but since I purchased it through an agency, I need to go through them.

So I went back to   Now the girl said I needed to pay $310 because she needed to reserve a new flight and the fare difference was $100.

I said I will think about and return the next day.

The next day, a guy answered and did exactly the same thing as the first person.  He put me on hold for 20 minutes and told me the flight difference was $1200.

When I said I was told to pay $310 for changing the schedule, the guy said flight schedule changes every day and now it was $1200 more.  I had just checked online that it was actually $1385.88.

This is a very unethical company that tries to make money by telling lies.   Everytime I call they say different stories.