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Korea enters into FTA with Colombia
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Becoming a UN accredited translator
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The UN Secretariat offers competitive examinations for language positions (translators, editors, verbatim reporters, interpreters, proofreaders, etc.) on a regular basis. Examinations are required for full-time career positions only. Other language examinations may also be offered based on the needs of the Organization. Check the UN Web page for the examinations currently offered.

The United Nations has language services for all 6 official languages, which are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Language examinations are held only when the previous roster of candidates has been exhausted or is about to be exhausted and there is a foreseeable need for new recruitments.

The frequency of language examinations depends on the length of the previous roster and the number of vacancies expected in the relevant service. Some language examinations are held every year or so as there are many projected vacancies; others are held at longer intervals.The UN does not accept applications before the application period is open. Language posts are not subject to geographical distribution, so candidates of any nationality recognized by the United Nations can apply for these examinations.

Language positions exist in all the main duty stations and in the headquarters of the regional commissions: New York, Geneva, Vienna, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Beirut and Santiago de Chile.  Please also check the following link:

LA Translation provides Korean to English translation of Samsung patents in lawsuits
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Samsung Electronics Co., Inc. won for the first time in the series of patent litigations against Apple. The Hague court of the Netherlands sentenced on June 20 that iPhone 4 and iPad 2 infringed upon one patent of Samsung in 3G wireless communication.
The court found that Apple infringed upon Samsung’s patent on “the method of symbolizing the signal to reduce the errors in transmission of control information signals.”
However the court did not find infringement on the new mobile devices such as iPhone 4S with Qualcomm chip set and the new iPad.
The patent lawsuits started in April in the U.S. and which are currently pending in about 30 courts in 9 countries.
LA Translation has provided the translation of more than one million words of patents from Korean to English related to Samsung and Apple and will continue to make its best efforts to provide accurate translation for both sides.

Korean Air lost in translation
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Korean Air lost in translation

2012-06-19 08:57


Nairobi, Kenya – When Korean Air announced its non-stop flights from Korea to Kenya on Monday, it posted a notice on its website describing Kenyans as indigenous people full of “primitive energy”, sparking a flurry of angry Tweets and Facebook postings.

Head of Public Relations for Korean Air in Kenya, Muthui Kariuki said that the notice had been removed from the website and that the word “primitive” was a result of a mistake in translation from Korean to English. Kariuki said the airline, which is supposed to launch the thrice-weekly flights on Thursday, will post an apology.

According to reports on Huffington Post, Kenyans expressed their anger on social media.

“An insult to a nation. Kenya doesn’t have primitive people,” posted a Twitter user who identified himself as George Njoro.

Kenya is a regional hub where passengers can connect to flights to other countries in the region and in Africa.

It is said that a Multinational corporation like KAL didn’t bother to have a professional Korean into Engish translation.  Just one word can make a big difference, so we need a professionally trained Korean translator

 especially in advertisements.  Translation requires cultural sensitivity as well.

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