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Simultaneous interpreting saves time and promotes better communication as the audience listens to the speaker in their own language simultaneously through a wireless receiver.LaTranslation_InterpretingServices99_07


LATI simultaneous interpeting service is in high demand at business meetings and international conferences as well as community meetings.  Where there are more than 20 people who are more comfortable with their own native language than with English, it is a good idea to provide simultaneous interpreting services.  The meetings can proceed quickly because translation is done simultaneously and the attendees can hear through wireless receivers.  Consecutive interpreting would double the time.

LATI provides a comprehensive package.  We have a pool of well trained simultaneous interpreters.  LATI also provides a soundproof glass tabletop booth, transmitter, interpreter’s console, and receivers.  Our equipment can accommodate up to 16 languages and an audience of unlimited size.  LATI provides regular services to UCLA, USC, FBI, and Consulate General of Mexico, among others.  Our simultaneous interpreters work to break down language barriers and promote understanding among people at community meetings, marketing events, and academic seminars.

LATI provides full-service business interpreter translator services, on-site technical support for our wired, wireless and infrared interpretation systems and equipment with crystal-clear sound. We can also provide booths, headsets and all other equipment for simultaneous interpreting venues.  You can rent conference equipment at reasonable prices, and we have full booth, desktop booth, transmitters, receivers, headsets, microphones to go with your conferences.

Our services are available anywhere in the United States, whether in Los Angeles, Texas, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, Eugene, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Boston, and Washington D.C.

We can also send our interpreters anywhere in the world, to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Mexico City, Moscow, Hanoi, and Dubai, to give a few example.